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Hello and warm greetings to you! Thank you for visiting my website! My name is Tim, also known as Apollodite, I am a teacher and what I teach people is to find their joy and to regain the purpose when they forget, to help those who seek alignment of their mind/body/soul, and to regain clarity and  a state of well being, not just that but to maintain it as well! 

This world is based on two major thing above all else, and that is thought itself, and the Law of Attraction which can be said as "that which is, is liken to itself", both of which are the underlying denominator in every and all experience in life and is the reason for all things, 

I've learned from many teachers and one of the greatest teachers I've come to learn from is the nonphysical, infinite intelligence known as Abraham, summoned through and by Esther Hicks. From their teachings I've come to learn more about the nature of this universe as well of our own unique beings not just as humans, but as individuals with the ability to focus our intention to change and create our reality, and then to receive the benefits of what we created! 

What I've come to learn above all else is that words alone cannot teach, it is only life experience that can fully accomplish that! Therefore, it is my dominant intention when I work with someone who is attracting and seeking what I know is to do my best to remind them and teach them how to knowingly access their ability to be and do and have whatever they desire, provided you can believe and trust in it, no matter what it is or of circumstances! 

I also have daily videos on HighVibe.TV where I share messages of wisdom based on astrology and its various messages, with the intent to offer reminders of who are as a being and your ability to realign with your own wellness and create the life which you can absolutely have provided you give it time and can trust in the process of creation! 

I also have an Instagram account where you can find my regular posts where I  use tarot cards as mediums to remind people of their greatest nature and messages of inspiration to look forward to! 

Thank you for being here on my website and on Earth, and thank for you for being you!


"Only Love Is Truly Real"​


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"A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician." 


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