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Hello and welcome to you! Thank you for visiting my website! My name is Tim, also known as Apollodite, and I am a teacher of wellbeing, spiritual alignment, and astrology!

My approach to helping others as a teacher is sharing what I know, offering what words and advice I can, and above all else, gently reminding people of their ability to be, do, and have a true sense of wellbeing, balance, empowerment, satisfaction, and a sense of joyful, creative purpose here on planet Earth!

One tool that I use as a teacher to help others find a sense of clarity, stability and acceptance is the fine art, science, and philosophy known as astrology. Astrology is a useful tool, as it can be used to help one find their preferences and proclivities in life and to show the beautiful diversity that we all uniquely have! Many think or assume astrology as a form of perfect divination or predicting predetermined events, but there is misunderstanding in that. Life is created by those who are living it, not some divine third parties dictating how your life should be lead! It is my goal to use astrology and it's various facets and wisdoms, to explain and show that life is, can, and will not only feel good, but improve for those who get out of their own way and find their natural rhythm not just as an individual human being, but as a worthy and deserving divine being of this beautiful, infinite Universe! 

As an astrologer, I'm proud and eager to offer not only personal one on one opportunities, but daily clarity and astrological insight on HighVibe.TV, a social network of various spiritual focused teachers and astrologers such as The Leo King, all of us coming together to share our wisdom and guidance to those who want to learn from us and our diverse offerings!

If you'd like to see how my daily and weekly content and horoscopes can benefit you, and to see what we at HighVibe.TV are about, please click this link; HERE

I also have an Instagram account where you can find regular posts, as I use tarot cards as a means to share insightful thoughts, ideas, and inspirations!

What I've come to learn above all else as a teacher is that words alone cannot teach, it is only life experience that can truly accomplish that! Therefore, it is my dominant intention when I work with someone to do my best with words to explain to people how to feel their own sense of success and ability and to give greater clarity and familiarity about the brilliant, authentic, and worthy you!

Thank you for being here, not just on my website, but here on Earth! 

And finally thank YOU for being YOU!


"Only Love Is Truly Real"​

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“The entire universe is conspiring to give you everything that you want.” – Abraham Hicks

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