Consultations with Apollodite

Within a consultation with me we will spend time together discussing what's on your mind, anything you'd like greater clarity and insight on, and how to be and feel more empowered, more assured, and more eager for living a life that's worth living! 

When filling out the submission form, it will ask for your various birth information, this is for astrological purposes, as the day, time, even place you were born contributes to the calculations of your birth chart. A birth chart is a calculated graph representing the moment you were born, each one unique and specific to every person. 

Every birth chart shows where the heavenly bodies were, and their various relationships to each other, all representing different aspects and themes of life and how their unique interactions may play out for you initially in life.

These and other various charts are used by astrologers like me to gain greater clarity about where you have been and various interests, abilities, and preferences for life you have!

There can always be improvement for any and all areas in life, no matter what has come before, and it is my intention as a teacher and astrologer to explain how that can be possible for you, all that I can ask is that you have the willingness to work and be with yourself. After all, interactions with others are always temporary, it's how you feel about your eternal relationship with yourself and this current now moment which truly matters! 

Consultations are done live and  electronically through Skype or Google Hangouts, when filling out the application, you will have an option to choose your preference for meeting place there! 

All consultations are recorded and a copy of each session will be digitally sent after! 

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me at 

Legal Disclaimer:

  • All of Apollodite's services and products are meant for and to be used for entertainment purposes only, Apollodite is NOT a certified medical or psychological professional and all advice is given for personal choice only. All products, readings, and advice are not and should not be regarded as a professional opinion.