Consultations with Apollodite

Within every human being we all desire to feel good, to know our worth, and to feel free. To believe anything else, is contrary to the truthful fact that within this world, you CAN and DESERVE to feel good, worthy, and free. You CAN and WILL create the life that you want and deserve, provided that you above all else, get out of your own way!

Apollodite is a teacher of vibration and alignment, as well as an astrologer, ready to meet with you and assist you in finding greater clarity, alignment, and ease in your life! 

If you desire to feel more wellbeing, stability and greater worthiness in your life, a session with Apollodite will leave you feeling empowered, inspired, and clearer about the wonderful and amazing being you ARE, the life you DESERVE to be living in, and how to make it even better! After all, life is SUPPOSED to feel good! It is your birthright!

Within a session, Apollodite will assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about yourself or your life, how to make it easier, and how to allow the Universe itself to work WITH you rather than against you! 

Please note that while Apollodite does use personalized astrology as a point of reference for each session, it is NOT a requirement, if you’d prefer not to use astrology that is just as well! 

All sessions are reordered and and a copy will be sent to you after the session!

Legal Disclaimer:

  • All of Apollodite's services are meant for and to be used for entertainment purposes only, Apollodite is NOT a certified medical professional and all advice is given for entertainment solely. All consultations, services, and advice are not and should not be regarded or substituted as a professional opinion and all parties are subject to their own personal choices.