Client Reviews

Apollodite is an amazing reader! 

I highly encourage booking a reading with him for deep &healing insights about your unique chart. 

His knowledge of the interacting planets, houses & energies was expert and out of this world.

Even if you’ve had your chart drawn up, having an expert scholar like him reflect on your chart is a once in a lifetime experience.

I had loved his health-conscious and astrological bent daily messages on the app, which led me to seek out more in detail.

It honestly explained a lot and helped me let things go that can cause/have caused unnecessary pain and even more exciting, helped me find more of my inner joy by letting go of negative thinking patterns that do not serve me or anyone based on my own unique and beautiful astrological chart. He finds the beauty and challenges in such an empathetic way too, which is so lovely and sweet.  It can be hard to face oneself but facing it with love and passion and guidance is truly the greatest way. 

After the reading, you can listen back to the conversation and it is like an elixir to the soul. 

Apollodite truly has a natural gift and we are so lucky that he is in this profession.

I cannot recommend his readings and his messages enough!!

Peace and love,



Tim, thank you for the solar return report. Ut was so in depth and totally resonated with me and what has been going on in my world! You do a very good job describing the energies of the planets and how they work together. It's very helpful.

This is something I will re-listen to again.

Thank you so much,



A reading with Apollodite is tapping into what is really happening within your body, mind and soul. He was completely accurate with everything I am currently experiencing relating to my physical, emotional and spiritual health. His advice and knowledge on what to be aware of for myself is invaluable, and in alignment with what makes sense to me. This is something I have never found with conventional health consultations or treatment. I wish I had a reading with Apollodite in my early adult life. It would have helped balance me so much sooner. But there’s no time like the present! 
Thank you apollodite! 

Heather E.

"Having a profound innate ability in understanding and interpreting my own conscious affects on my exterior environment. He assiduously guided my psych by intuitively confirming divine understandings. In the simplest explanation, his being was fruitful in helping me communicate with the divine. I was always a spiritual being, however the mundane physical and objective male surge of energy occupied a larger ego within myself years ago. I can sense the depth of affection Tim will have on this earth years from now… The key he holds opens many doors, emanating light and understanding."

Brian M.

"Tim has dedicated so many hours of studying astrology, I can confidently go to him whenever I feel like I need guidance or direction. He reads my horoscopes in great detail, giving me excellent insight of what is to be expected in my life. As someone with anxiety, Tim helps ease my nerves when I feel anxious about any event by reading my astrology. When Tim reads the signs in others, he or she is always extremely impressed with his accuracy of their personality traits, relationships, and overall way of life. I highly recommend Tim for any professional astrology readings, as he is someone I know I can trust to read me."

Marisa C.

"Tim has a deep understanding of astrology and the workings of the stars and planets that I haven't seen in anyone else before. He not only can explain their inner workings and meanings, but he can apply those things to people's lives. His passion is evident as he is always enthusiastic about reading people and going into depth with their chart. It is clear to me that he cares about not only the accuracy and authenticity of the information he gives, but also the outcome. He always follows through and truly cares about the person he's reading!"

Teresa C.